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VOR: Into the UNKNOWN!




The persistence of reality TV.

Carl and Ed probe the darkest corners of the world of the unexplained in this exciting episode!

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Siouxie and the Banshees - Fear of the Unknown

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Voice of the Republic

Toy Talk with James Whynot

The voice of Voice of the Republic joins us this week! Comic Artist James Whynot is in the hangout to talk TMNT, Marvel, DC, and Star Wars toys.

We also get to your voicemails on the Republicomm, and Ed avoids a meltdown due to the new LIVE set-up.

Here's out new vitals:

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Republicomm - 407-409-8749

See you all on April 18th!


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Voice of the Republic

This Mortal Coil

What makes us want to alter or change our bodies? Is it vanity? Low self-esteem? Or is it a desire to be the first kid on the block with the next cool technological thing. Carl and Ed discuss these and other deep topics. Deep, baby.

Stay tuned for the big surprise announcement at the end. If you don't mind spoilers and can keep your trap shut for a few days, click here.

New way to get involved with VOR: Google+ Yes, we know. Steve Republica.

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Voice of the Republic

Ice Meltin' Show

Spring is upon us! Carl and Ed send Winter a-packin with tales of The Blues Brothers, UFO Zombies, comics, movies, and the new flock of crappy Star Wars toys. Plus: The Star Wars Rumor Report with Andrew Stamm.

UFO Zombies

Hey Ash Whatcha Playin

Hasbro's Litter Box

Comixology Submit

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- The Blues Brothers - Can't Turn You Loose, Rubber Biscuit
- Cymande - Bra
- Al Green - I'm So Glad You're Mine
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Voice of the Republic

Just Add Carl!

With our own Mike out of broadcasting commission we've asked veteran podcaster and longtime friend of VOR Carl Watkins to fill in for a spell. And GURL does he know how to fill you in. Also: Stealing from the Brits, old Jews, The Blues Brothers, The Book of Mormon, House of Cards, and in defense of the mustache.

- Old Jews Telling Jokes
- The Lonely Island - YOLO

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Wilco - I'm The Man Who Loves you
M83 - Don't Save Us From The Flames
The Lonely Island - Yolo
Sax Forever - Une Belle Histoire

Voice of the Republic

JJ Abrams: The Next Maker - Star Wars Rumor Report Special

Ed is joined by Star Wars Rumor Report correspondent Andrew Stamm, and friend of VOR Carl Watkins. The trio discuss the announcement of J.J. Abrams as the director of the next Star Wars film, what it took to happen, and what it could mean for the franchise.

Special Thanks:
Brian Eno - Needles in a Camel's Eye

Voice of the Republic

Bros, Falsies, Rumors & Lies

Ed & Mike, your favorite podcasting artists, return to your ears for the One-Trizzle!

Karaoke, "This Economy," big gifts, Ed on food? Plus the Star Wars Rumor Report returns, and we introduce a new feature: WHISPER!

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NO - What's your Name
Heliocentrics - Distant Star
Kanye West - Spaceship & Jesus Walks
Sax Forever - Medley
Wayne Shorter - Witch Hunt

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Voice of the Republic

Disney Buys Lucasfilm

The news that every Star Wars fan and movie afficianado has been talking about, the Disney/Lucasfilm deal. What will this mean for the Star Wars brand? What does it mean to the future of the story? What is the fans' reaction? More importantly, what is Voice of the Republic's reaction?

Special guest host Carl Watkins joins in the discussion!

Special Thanks:
A Tribe Called Quest - Mr. Muhammad
The Black Angels - Empire
Shovels and Rope - Birmingham
John Williams - Ewok Celebration
Raphael Saddiq - Movin' Down The Line
The Bordens - Theme from Star Wars